National Seminar on ‘The Role of Religions in Promoting Peace and Harmony: Contribution of Christianity’

A two-day conference/panel discussion took place on the role played by different religions in promoting peace in the world in Christ University, Bangalore on February 19 and 20 respectively. The contribution of Christianity was substantially focussed on in the two days.

The Inaugural Address was delivered by Dr Fr. Thomas C Mathew, Vice Chancellor, Christ University, Bangalore. The Keynote Address on ‘Importance of Religion for good governance’ was delivered by Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar (Secretary, NFCH, New Delhi). The Chairperson for the session was Dr H. R. Nagendra (Chancellor, S-Vyasa Yoga University, Jigani, Bangalore).The Rapporteur for the session was Dr Shanta V (JyothiNivas College, Bangalore).

  • The following Resolutions were suggested at the end.
  • Focus on good governance to provide a life of dignity, solidarity and justice to all citizens of the country;
  • Proactively promote inter-faith dialogue for a better society;
  • Department of Religion to be introduced in the educational system; introduce teachings of all religions in schools and colleges;
  • Note and appreciate the statement by the Honourable Prime Minister, 3 days ago, making it clear that freedom of religion will be preserved at all cost and no violence or crime will be permitted in the name of religion;
  • Accept that there are multiple paths to divinity. All religions focus on love, compassion, peace, justice and service to humanity;
  • Call for measures to improve equity and voice in access to financial flows;
  • Promote and respect the dignity of all religions; and
  • Setting people free from the shackles of ignorance and bias through insight into religion.