Tapapriya Moitra

Tapapriya Moitra is daughter of Dr. Tushar Kanti Moitra who was killed by terrorist at Kokrajhar, Assam on 23rd December 1996. At the time of her father’s death, she was just one and half years old and her brother was 3 years old. On 23rd December 1996, the local MLA gave her father a call to attend his ailing daughter. Her mother had tried to stop her father from going but as a sincere Doctor, he tried to reach the MLA’s house along with several other Doctors. On the way the van carrying her father was attacked by terrorist assuming that MLA was in the van as it was MLA’s Van. After her father’s death her mother faced severe financial crisis and the family had to move to paternal parent’s house in Guwahati. But they were not comfortable, hence they moved to their maternal parents’ house. Her mother took loans from relatives to educate them and started doing a job but that was not enough to send them to good school. In the mean time she learnt about “Aaswash” which is the nodal agency under the Assam Police for Project Assist Scheme of NFCH which provides financial support to the children of the families affected by communal caste, ethnic or terrorist violence for their education. Due to financial assistance provided to her she has completed MBBS from Jinan University, China and she would be able to continue the profession of her late father. Her brother Mr. Anand Shankar Moitra also completed B Tech by the assistance provided by NFCH. Smt Jaba Moitra the mother of these two children has also acknowledged the help provided by NFCH.

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